Friday, 28 August 2009

turns me to gold in the sunlight

my latest buy...{and yes it is from topshop}
i dont normally buy earings from topshop, they are too expensive! but i thought hey-ho, why not?

so i bought them :)
...i thought that was an ok price, whada'ya think?

i really wanted a vintage pair, but i thought, hmm...vintage earings? good idea? (you know what i mean) :S

i wore them yesterday when i went out with my friends...and thought i would be a bit daring and wear some red lipstick.

i really need to be more adventurous with make-up!

anyways, peace out cowboys oxox


  1. they are amazing!
    I want some!

    Anddd you look a lot like Jen Brill .. in my opinion! thats obviously a huge compliment! :) x

  2. Those earrings are lovely. And you are so gorgeous hun :) Thanks for following me ♥

  3. aw thank you both of you :)
    oo i love jen brill! oxox