Monday, 31 August 2009

alice dellal

Dont you just love her? she has an amazing style.

i love how she is just herself and doesnt care what anyone thinks.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dear friend

Since mentioning my friends in my last post i decided to dedicate a whole post to them.
they are such an important part in my life & i love them so much!
i dont know what i would do with out them. i have so many good memories with them, and they make me laugh so much!

i want you guys to know how much i appreciate your friendship and i will always be there for you no matter what.

I love you guys so much! and i honestly couldn't ask for better friends.

made in the dark

After the whole bird incident i went to my friend lucys house, me and my friends had a nice relaxing evening. went down to blockbuster to rent out '17 again' (dont you just love zac effron? he is gorgeous!) then popped into tesco express (as usual) to buy a pot of ben & jerrys. they have an irrestistible offer, £1.99!! once again they were SOLD OUT! ...but luckly lucy had some at home. after watching '17 again' we ate fish & chips, went on the trampoline, ate strawberrys and ben & jerrys, and watched scary movie 2 :)

aw i love my friends so much!

bird man.

i think i have become emotionally attached to this little bird.

Yesterday he fell out his nest and into my garden. we tried putting him back in his nest (but it was completely impossible trying to find it in the enormous conifer tree) so we decided to look after him for the night, but my mum ended up deciding to put him back outside so his parents could find him. my mums exact words "lets not interfere with nature." i literally felt like crying when she told me they put him back out! what if he got eaten by the cats? what if he starves? poor little bird. i only spent 2 hours with him and i was already attached! gosh i must sounds really sad...but i love animlas, and i love love love birds.

Friday, 28 August 2009

turns me to gold in the sunlight

my latest buy...{and yes it is from topshop}
i dont normally buy earings from topshop, they are too expensive! but i thought hey-ho, why not?

so i bought them :)
...i thought that was an ok price, whada'ya think?

i really wanted a vintage pair, but i thought, hmm...vintage earings? good idea? (you know what i mean) :S

i wore them yesterday when i went out with my friends...and thought i would be a bit daring and wear some red lipstick.

i really need to be more adventurous with make-up!

anyways, peace out cowboys oxox

aya kirstine

Hello my fellow bloggers!

Welcome to my blog 'every beautiful awakening' hope you all like it :)
i have finally started my own blog {this has taken me a while to finally start one up!}
just a quick attempt to my introduction. Im half danish & half japanese and live in london.
like any other teenage girl, fashion, music, friends and family are my life.
anyway, i dont want to bore you all.
i'll keep you posted soon. enjoy :)

peace out cowboys! oxox